Sunday saw 106% of Scotland’s electricity generated by renewable energy. Scotland’s wind farms powered the entirety of Scotland’s electricity needs, with some to spare.

Scotland’s abundant energy resources play a vital role in delivering security of electricity supply across the UK. The Scottish Government is committed to supporting onshore wind, which is one of our most cost-effective low-carbon energy technologies.

The Scottish Government remain fully supportive of low-carbon technologies, which offer a huge economic opportunity for Scotland and have a key role to play in our fight against the threat posed by climate change to our society and natural environment.

A clear policy is in place within the Scottish Government supporting an energy mix to provide energy security for the future and setting out ambitions for an integrated approach to low-carbon technologies within the draft energy strategy later this year. This will include exploring the option of setting a new renewable energy target.

Local SNP MSP Michael Matheson welcomed this news, saying:

“This is a significant milestone in Scotland’s efforts to maximise the potential of renewable energy. I am delighted that Scotland’s onshore wind farms have successfully powered the whole of Scotland, showing the clear benefits of renewable energy.

“I look forward to continuing to support my colleagues in parliament and government as we strive to continue on this track. It seems clear to me that there is great potential to further harness the advantages of renewables and in doing so to better protect our environment and play our part in fighting climate change.”