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Access Keys
You can use access keys to navigate to specific website content without using a mouse. This website uses the UK Government access key system.

The standard access keys available on this website are as follows:

1 Home page
2 Latest News
3 Our Site Map
9 Contact Page
0 Accessibility Page

The key combinations for these access keys depends on your web browser. Here are the key combinations to use for some current browsers.

Internet Explorer 6+: Hold down the ALT key, press the number of the access key, release both keys then press ENTER
Firefox 3+: Hold down the SHIFT key and the ALT key and then press the number of the access key
Safari 3+: Hold down the CTRL key if using a Mac or the ALT key if using Windows and press the number of the access key
Chrome: Hold down the ALT key and then press the number of the access key

Text size
You can choose from three sizes of text on any page of our website. Use the text resize links at the top of a page (A A A) to do this.

Video Transcripts
Transcripts are available for any video that is hosted on this website. To see a transcript, just click the ‘Read Video Transcript’ link below the video and the text will appear.

If you have difficulties in accessing our website in any way, please let us know through our Contact form.