A total of 285 Scots have received life-saving transplants in the last 12 months as latest figures show that Scotland has achieved a 74.1 per cent increase in organ donors.

The statistics, released by NHS Blood and Transplant also show a UK-wide increase of 50 per cent, a target set by the Organ Donation Taskforce in 2008, and met in Scotland a year early in 2012.

In 2012/13 there were a total of 94 donors in Scotland – up from 54 in 2007/8.
The number of people on the NHS Organ Donor Register in Scotland has also reached a record high of more than two million. This is 41.1 per cent of the population – the highest of any UK country.

Falkirk West MSP Michael Matheson said:

“I am delighted that Scotland has delivered a 74 per cent increase in organ donation and I would like to thank the many NHS staff who have worked tirelessly to make this possible.

“The number of transplants has also increased by 36 per cent, and have the highest proportion of any UK country’s population on the NHS Organ Donor Register.

“I am very aware that organ donation can only occur as a result of tragic circumstances, but I also know that many donor families gain comfort from the fact that their loved one went on to save several lives.

“Reaching this increase is a landmark achievement, however we must not forget the fact that around 600 Scots are still waiting for a transplant and we can and must do more to help them.”