Michael Matheson has called on the UK Government to urgently look at alternatives to Theresa May’s Brexit plans in order to protect jobs and the economy in Falkirk district.

The Scottish Parliament overwhelmingly rejected the Prime Minister’s false choice between a bad Brexit or a no-deal Brexit in a vote on Wednesday.

The joint motion, agreed by SNP, Labour, Green and Lib Dems MSPs, stated that a better alternative must be found to May’s proposals. Only Conservative MSPs backed the PM’s discredited deal, which even her own Chancellor has admitted will hurt economic growth.

Mr Matheson, the MSP for Falkirk West, said: “Scotland voted by a big margin to remain in the EU but our interests have been ignored by the UK Government since day one.
“With the Scottish Parliament overwhelmingly rejecting the false choice between Theresa May’s deal or no deal – and MPs from all sides set to unite in the Commons on Tuesday to defeat her damaging proposals – the UK Government must start listening.

“The clock is ticking but it’s not too late to change course. It’s time for a new approach and to look at the real alternatives that will protect jobs and livelihoods in Falkirk district and across the country.

“I call on the Prime Minister to either consider staying in the single market and the customs union – a compromise proposed by the Scottish Government two years ago – or to go back to the country in a second referendum that will allow voters to make an informed choice now that the implications of leaving the European Union have become a lot clearer.”