The SNP topped the European election poll in Falkirk district by a huge margin as Scotland voted emphatically to reject Brexit.

The results of Thursday’s vote were declared on Sunday night, with the SNP receiving 43% of the votes in the Falkirk Council area, followed by the Brexit Party on 17%, Labour on 9.8%, the Conservatives on 9.3%, the Liberal Democrats on 9.1% and the Greens on 6.4%

The SNP got the most votes in every part of mainland Scotland, achieving the biggest-ever margin of victory at a European election and securing three MEPs. The party’s national vote share was about 38%, compared to 15% for the Brexit Party, 14% for the Liberal Democrats, 12% for the Conservatives, 9% for Labour and 8% for the Greens.

Falkirk West MSP Michael Matheson said: “People in Falkirk district and across Scotland have sent a strong message that we don’t want Brexit.

“Voters clearly liked the SNP’s message that we want to keep Scotland at the heart of Europe, so we can continue to travel, work and live freely across the Continent and welcome EU citizens who want to build a life here.

“The Brexit Party’s share of the vote in Scotland is but a fraction of the Leave vote in 2016, which reflects opinion polls that show the Remain vote is getting even stronger in the country as the reality hits home of what leaving the EU would mean for our economy and livelihoods.

“Locally, the Labour Party has paid the price for its muddled message on Brexit, with its vote share collapsing by more than 20 percentage points compared to the 2014 European election, while the SNP’s share increased by more than nine percentage points.

“I’m delighted that a growing number of voters are embracing our vision that Scotland’s future should be as an independent country within the EU.”