More than 30,000 households in Falkirk district now have smart meters, figures issued by Smart Energy GB show.

Falkirk West MSP Michael Matheson joined Smart Energy GB, the independent campaign for the smart meter rollout, at the Scottish Parliament last week to mark the milestone.
By the end of September this year, 16,033 households in Falkirk West constituency and 15,191 in Falkirk East had a smart meter.

Recent research has revealed that 68% of people with smart meters are more conscious of their energy use and 80% have a better idea of their energy costs.

Mr Matheson said: “Smart meters are helping thousands of households in Falkirk district to monitor how much energy they are using, encouraging them to reduce their consumption. This not only helps them to save money on their electricity bills but is also playing a part in the fight to tackle climate change.

“However, smart meters aren’t just about saving energy at home. They are also vital to supporting a smart energy system, helping to develop a smart grid and forming a foundation for the electric vehicle revolution.

“I’m delighted to see that so many households in Falkirk district have already come on board and encourage others to find out from their supplier how they can get a smart meter too.”

Iagan MacNeil, of Smart Energy GB Scotland, added: “It’s great to see that residents of Falkirk are some of the most enthusiastic for smart meters. The rollout is making good progress in Scotland and the benefits of a smarter energy system are already beginning to be seen.

“We want every household in Scotland to feel more in control of their energy usage and spend with a smart meter, and in turn contribute to making their communities greener and smarter.”