News that thousands of Scots will benefit from a 30p rise in the Living Wage to £8.75 an hour has been welcomed by Falkirk West MSP Michael Matheson.

The announcement of the increase was made during Living Wage Week, which also saw porridge bar producer Stoats become the 1000th Living Wage-accredited employer in Scotland.

The rate is set independently by the Living Wage Foundation and reflects the real cost of living, unlike the UK Government’s minimum wage, which is just £7.50 an hour for workers aged over 25.
Mr Matheson said: “This 3.6% pay increase will help many workers in Falkirk district to meet the rising cost of day-to-day living.

“I’m also delighted that the SNP Government has met its target of having 1000 Living Wage-accredited employers in Scotland by this autumn, which means a higher proportion of our workers are paid at or above the Living Wage than anywhere else in the UK.

“But about one in five Scottish workers still earns less than the Living Wage, so we will keep encouraging more employers to sign up to this scheme.

“I’m proud to be a Living Wage-accredited employer myself and firmly believe that everyone deserves a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. That’s why I once again call on all local employers to consider paying the Living Wage, which has been proven to increase productivity, reduce staff absence and improve morale.”