Concern is growing among parents of children at Kinnaird Primary School as a result of capacity issues arising from the school’s growing roll. Parents have written to council officers and local representatives, including Michael Matheson MSP, to express their concerns and ask for action to address the issue.

The present situation has resulted in the use of four temporary modular classrooms being situated in the playground. It is expected that this will increase to six soon with the prospect of eight such modular classrooms being situated at the school in the near future.

Local MSP, Michael Matheson, said:

“I have been contacted by a number of my constituents who have children attending Kinnaird Primary School. They are understandably frustrated at the present situation, and I share their concerns at the lack of action being taken to resolve the issue.

“It is clear that a permanent extension, which should facilitate at least an additional eight classrooms to satisfy rising demand, should be considered a priority for Falkirk Council. The modular classrooms cannot be feasibly seen as a long-term solution to this problem – they take up play space used by children during their break times and consequently have a negative impact on the experiences they have at school.

“Unfortunately, however, correspondence I have had with Falkirk Council seems to indicate they have no plans at present to provide this extension as councillors have not yet approved the necessary capital finance for this project.

“I am appalled that Falkirk Council can advance plans for a new £20million headquarters, but are unable to provide the finance for a much needed extension to a local school. It is clear to me and many local people that Falkirk Council have their priorities wrong. Falkirk Council need to prioritise education, and ensure that the children at Kinnaird Primary School have the benefit of a positive educational experience in a proper school building – not a temporary hut.”

Michael Matheson has committed to continue to advocate the views of local parents and has subsequently written to Councillor Alan Nimmo, the education portfolio holder at Falkirk Council, asking him to commit to bringing forward the plans for the much needed permanent extension to Kinnaird Primary School.

Michael added:

“I will always stand up for my constituents, and in this instance I will stand up for the parents of children at Kinnaird Primary School in their efforts to secure the best educational experiences for their sons and daughters.”