Children will be taught about the impact of wildlife crime and how they can help combat the problem through a new online wildlife crime detectives’ education pack.

The interactive pack will help to raise children’s awareness of wildlife crime issues and increase their knowledge of legitimate countryside practices. Children will be encouraged to explore the moral issues surrounding wildlife crime while learning important safety messages.

The pack includes:
• CSI-style wildlife crime activities
• A link to an online video that provides an educational introduction to wildlife crime
• A quiz and poster design challenge
• A role play exercise to help children understand the effects of wildlife crime on those involved
This has been launched by the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (PAW) Scotland, following a successful initiative piloted last year by the former Grampian Police Force, where hard copies were distributed to schools in Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray, reaching a potential 15,000 children.

The merger of Scottish police forces into the new Police Scotland and increasing use of internet resources in schools has enabled the pack to be re-developed for use as an online resource.

This pack will benefit schools, youth groups, wildlife groups and others looking to further understand the crimes that threaten wildlife and the environment.

Falkirk West MSP Michael Matheson said:

“This new education pack provides an interactive way to educate and excite local youngsters about our wildlife and help them to understand the damaging effects wildlife crime can have on Scotland’s animals, birds and habitats and why the eradication of wildlife crime is in the public interest.

“It will also encourage pupils and teachers to think more about our role in protecting our natural environment and instil an appreciation and set of values which will resonate with them for years to come.

“The education pack is available online at:”