The UK government’s plan to cap the number of times patients can visit their local doctor has been condemned by Michael Matheson MSP.

A Tory consultation document on health provision is considering an annual limit on GP appointments in England. The paper also asks whether evening and weekend appointments with GPs and consultants are a “luxury the country cannot afford”.

In a written answer from Scottish Government Health Secretary Alex Neil confirmed that The Scottish Government will not restrict patient access to GPs and that it considers “..any moves to restrict the number of visits a patient can make to their GP would be of potentially serious detriment to their health.”

Mr Matheson said:
“This backward plan by the Tories is yet another blow to the already damaged NHS south of the border.

“I’m very pleased that the Health Secretary has reiterated existing policy which means that if you are unwell and you require to see your doctor , whether it be in Falkirk, Denny or Banknock that there will be no restrictions on the number of visits you can make.

“People need to be able to see their GP – If they are regularly unwell they need to see their local doctor as often as is necessary”.