The passage of the Scottish Government budget in the Scottish Parliament will boost Falkirk’s economy, help with the cost of living and deliver vital action to mitigate Westminster’s disastrous Bedroom Tax.

With a majority of parliament endorsing additional funds to help combat the Bedroom Tax SNP MSP Michael Matheson said it showed Scotland should have the powers to scrap the Bedroom Tax.

Alongside targeting Westminster welfare cuts the budget will continue the small business bonus, protect free education, entitle primary one to three pupils to free school meals saving at least £330 per eligible child; extend childcare provision to 600 hours for three and four year olds and for vulnerable two year olds, saving around £700 a year; and continue the Council Tax freeze that will have saved households £1,200 on average by the end of this parliament.

Investment in infrastructure in Scotland will be supported to the tune of over £8 billion over the next two years, creating over 50,000 full time equivalent jobs.

Commenting, Falkirk West MSP said:

“This budget is a budget to boost Falkirk’s economy and support households with the rising cost of living.

“Delivering free school meals, extending childcare and protecting the Council Tax freeze will save hundreds of pounds for households across Falkirk district.

“That is vital action to help people during difficult times and will be warmly welcomed by people across Falkirk West. What is also particularly welcome is that even more action is being taken to help people affected by Westminster’s Bedroom Tax.

“The money has been put in place to mitigate the Bedroom Tax and the only thing standing in the way of immediate action is Westminster.

“Of course far better than attempting to mitigate the deeply unfair Bedroom Tax would simply be to abolish it altogether.

“Only a Yes vote in September will give the Scottish Parliament that right and ensure that Scotland’s welfare system reflects the priorities of people in Scotland rather than the Westminster Treasury.”