Michael Matheson MSP has called on people in Falkirk district to help shape Scotland’s new social security system by signing up to the Scottish Government’s Experience Panels.

At least 2000 people with personal experience of the current social security system are being recruited to give their views on how it can be changed for the better.

The panels will work with the Expert Advisory Group on Disability and Carers’ Benefits and the deadline to register is Friday, May 12.

Mr Matheson, the MSP for Falkirk West, said: “The Scottish Government is committed to building a new social security system based on dignity and respect once the full powers are devolved over this area, and the Experience Panels are an important step on the way to achieving this.

“I hope people across Falkirk district will take this final opportunity to sign up and play their part in creating a social security system with fairness at its heart.

“For too long, we’ve seen the damage that has been caused by the callous and ideological system operated by the Tories at Westminster, putting the needs of people last and doing all they can to scapegoat and stigmatise those who need the safety net of welfare.

“Any government system needs to take fully into account the views and experiences of the people who use the service at the frontline – and giving people the chance to contribute to the panels is a clear example of the Scottish Government doing exactly that.”
Go to www.gov.scot/socialsecurity to register.