Falkirk Council is set to receive a significant funding boost as a result of this year’s Scottish Government Budget, with local services benefiting from an extra £6.535 million.

The SNP’s progressive reforms – which will see 55% of Scots pay less income tax than if they lived in the rest of the UK – have helped to guarantee a 2.34% rise in Falkirk Council’s resource budget, providing extra funding for schools, roads and housing.

Schools in Falkirk district will also benefit from nearly £3.6million as part of the Pupil Equity Fund, which helps to tackle the attainment gap. And the Budget also provides £400million additional spending on Scotland’s NHS.

Falkirk West MSP Michael Matheson said: “This £6.5million of additional funding for Falkirk Council for the coming year is a great settlement for our communities.

“The SNP’s progressive income tax reforms – which will mean that 70% of people pay less than they did last year, and 55% pay less than they would south of the Border – are vital to make this funding increase possible, given the continued austerity being imposed by the Tories at Westminster.

“It takes the total resource budget for our council services to £279.485million for 2018-19, which is a real terms increase when compared with last year.

“This progressive Scottish Budget also provides extra funding for our NHS, education and broadband as well as more money for our economy, research and the environment. On top of that, it protects free university tuition, free personal care for the elderly, free school meals and free prescriptions.

“While the Tories propose cutting £556million from public services in order to pay for tax cuts for the wealthiest, the SNP delivers for our councils and protects the vital local services in Falkirk district that we all hold dear.”