Falkirk West MSP Michael Matheson has welcomed leading academic and energy expert Dr David Toke’s comments on Ed Davey’s scaremongering about energy prices in an independent Scotland.

Dr Toke of Aberdeen University, who was giving evidence at the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee, confirmed his view that that the UK government’s energy secretary’s position on energy costs of bills and independence was: “at best wrong, at worse he is talking nonsense.”

Welcoming this the Falkirk West MSP said:
“This is a serious contribution from a respected academic which totally undermines Ed Davey’s weak anti-independence points.

“Westminster’s failures are risking higher bills for households across the UK – and it is Scotland’s energy generation that can help keep the lights on and bills down.

“Westminster’s mismanagement of energy policy and obsession with nuclear power is making an already tight margin between energy supply and demand even tighter and risks thousands of jobs in the process.

“Our incredible natural resources mean that we can ensure a reliable and affordable supply of electricity across the UK – and with the full powers of independence we can permanently cut £70 per year from household energy bills, which I know will be welcome by my constituents in Falkirk district.”

“Only a Yes vote and independence can allow Scotland the opportunity to reap the rewards from our vast natural and renewable resources which can be harnessed and used and to build a better, fairer Scotland.”