Falkirk West MSP Michael Matheson is encouraging anyone with an interest in the future of education in Scotland to contribute to a Holyrood consultation on the new Education Bill.

The Bill will guarantee new powers and freedoms for head teachers and ensure that young people and parents have a bigger say in decisions about children’s learning and development.

Mr Matheson said: “With more of our pupils in Falkirk district getting excellent exam results and going on to a job, training or continuing their studies, we have much to be positive about.
“Our teachers also deserve praise for the quality education they are providing to our young people day in and day out.

“But our focus on improving education is unwavering and the new powers proposed by the Bill will give our pupils an even better chance to excel.

“I strongly support the Scottish Government’s aim of moving decision-making as close to pupils, parents and teachers as possible – a proposal informed by strong international evidence that shows empowering schools and engaging parents ultimately leads to a better education.

“It’s really important that anyone in Falkirk district with an interest in the future of education in Scotland takes time before January 30 next year to contribute to the Scottish Government’s consultation to help transform education in Scotland.”

The consultation is available at consult.gov.scot/learning-directorate/education-scotland-bill/