An online film has been released to teach Scots how to do CPR – to the tune of The Proclaimers’ hit single I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).

Falkirk West MSP Michael Matheson has backed the initiative, which is part of a Scottish Government plan to equip 500,000 people with the lifesaving skill by 2020.

Around 3500 people a year are treated by the Scottish Ambulance Service after suffering a cardiac arrest but only one in 13 survives. A crucial factor is delay in treatment and the Government believes 1000 lives a year could be saved if more people knew how to perform CPR.

The film, funded by the Scottish Government and featuring TV presenter Carol Smillie, has been created with the Save a Life for Scotland partnership.

Mr Matheson said: “For every minute that passes before CPR is performed, the chance of survival falls by 10 per cent. Using a tune everybody knows, this short film offers a fun way for people to learn what they can do to help someone who is suffering a cardiac arrest until paramedics arrive.

“I encourage everyone to take two minutes to watch it and share it with their friends and family, because you never know when these lifesaving skills may come in handy.”
Lisa MacInnes, director of the Save a Life for Scotland campaign, said: “We hope that 500 Miles will become the CPR anthem for a generation in Scotland. The beat helps us remember the right rhythm for chest compressions.

“Someone who is having a cardiac arrest needs help. You can be the one to help buy them time until the ambulance arrives and save a life.”
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